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Conan Edogawa
(江戸川 コナンEdogawa Konan) is the pseudonym created by Shinichi Kudo, after he was shrunk by the Black Organisation's creation APTX 4869. He stays by Ran Mouri until he gets his original body back.


Conan stays the same as he was when he was still Shinichi Kudo. He still wants to solve hard cases, but no one listens to him because he's just a child. Conan feels frustrated because nobody listens to him, even when he says something important, and therefore he has to constantly drop hints to others so they could solve cases in his stead, often using the gadgets from Professor Agasa to knock people unconscious and speak in their voice to solve them. Conan's strength is weak thanks to the poison but his intelligence is still as sharp as ever. He joined the detective youth group ceated by Genta Kojima called Detective Boys, and in that team Conan acts more like Shinichi than a child. The group respects Conan's deduction style and how he solves various of cases. Also, as Conan, he often calls Ran with his Bowtie Voice Changer as Shinichi to talk with her, often to keep her from becoming suspicious of him.


After that Shinichi where founding out that his body hase been shrunked by the Black Organization member Gin, he went then home to find a plan to capture them. But he cannot get into his own house wich that he sees his neighbour Professor Agasa. Conan where telling him that he is Shinichi Kudo, but Professor Agasa don't believes him and wanna take him to the police. Conan then tells some secrets about Agasa and evenly later where putting a deduction towards Agasa, Agasa then surely believes that he's Shinichi and evenly brough him back to his own house. Ran appeared at his house and evenly later Ran where comming to the library room where Shinichi where reading various of detective novels including Sherlock Holmes. While then that Ran sees Conan, she where then evenly where telling how old he is, and evenly later his name, but Shinichi where been under pressure and evenly came up with a fake name Conan Edogawa that come's from the two famous mystery writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rampo Edogawa. Professor Agasa where then offering that Conan is going to Rans house, but Shinichi refuse that and evenly later Agasa where saying that Ran's father where been running a detective agency and he can collect informations about the Organization and gets his originall body back.


  • Ran Mouri

The relationship with Ran is much harder than what Shinichi had expected. Ran told him about her feelings for Shinichi, including the part where she likes him. Conan's identity at various points has been known by Ran, but Conan comes up with plans to make her think that Conan is not Shinichi, effectively creating alibis for himself. Conan occasionally risks himself by talking to Ran on the phone as Shinichi using the voice changer while out of sight. Somehow Ran still thinks that Conan is really Shinichi, so it's unclear how much he fools her despite at one point getting Ai to dress up as Conan while he's returned to his teenage form. She wants to prove that Conan is actually Shinichi, but Shinichi always comes up with a plan to block that road for her.