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Heiji Hattori (服部 平次 Hattori Heiji) , is an Osakan high school detective in the manga and anime series Detective conan. He is a childhood friend and the romantic interest of Kazuha Toyama. Originally a rival and closest friend of Shinichi Kudo, Heiji since have found Conan's true identity, the two often work togather to solve cases.

Background Edit

Heiji is a high school detective, and the son of Heizo Hattori, chief of the Osaka Police Department, and his wife Shizuka Hattori. Heiji wants to be a detective like his father, and he is also very skilled in kendo and has become a favored tournament contender for his school.

At one time during their childhood, Heiji had had the unfortunate idea of locking himself and his friend Kazuha together with a set of old handcuffs which had no key to unlock it; as a result they involuntarily had to spend time together even on some rather intimate occasions (i.e., bathroom visits) before the cuffs could be removed. As a reminder of this 'closeness' and for good luck, Kazuha fashioned two identical lucky charms, each incorporating a chain link from the cuffs, which she and Heiji have been wearing ever since. In the news, Heiji has been publicly declared the "Great Detective of the West", while Shinichi Kudo is the "Great Detective of the East". As a result, Heiji showed up unannounced at the Mouri Detective Agency looking for Kudo, seeking to challenge his rival to a showdown of wits.

During their second encounter, Conan knocked Heiji out to solve the on-going case, but during his final presentation of the facts, Heiji awoke prematurely and discovered Conan's secret, and in the end managed to blackmail Conan into revealing all.  Ever since that revelation, Heiji has been helping Conan in hiding his secret identity. however very badly, as he tends to keep calling Conan, Kudo sometimes in front of ran, however manages to cover it up after a bit of struggle.

Heiji and Conan most often congenially team up to solve assorted cases or go against each other on a case.Heiji has also helped Conan investigate the Black Organization on several occasions, such as when the two investigated Jodie Starling, or when Heiji investigated Eisuke Hondou on his own and then told Conan his findings.  He's also helped cover for Conan during several of the brief instances where Conan regained his true adolescent age, and has even disguised himself as Shinichi on several occasions in order to protect his identity, even though he is not very good at it (mostly owing to his distinctive Kansai dialect). When not working on a case, he regularly attempts to invite Conan to take in the sights and culinary delights in Osaka, which he considers more wholesome than Tokyo's.

Personality Edit

Even while solving a case, Heiji tends to be lighthearted and good-humored and sometimes selfish, preferring to work through it with a grin on his face. He is a big fan of baseball, and is most of the time shown wearing an Osaka cap, to support the local Osaka baseball team. He usually wears his cap with its visor pointed backward, but if he feels challenged, he turns the visor forward.

Heiji is known for his pride as an Osaka citizen and for his thick Osakan accent, which has been pointed out and sometimes made fun numerous times. However, Heiji holds his head high and is always one to brag about the greatness of Osaka, especially when Conan comes to visit.

Despite him knowing the value and necessity of remaining calm in the face of a crime, Heiji tends to be impulsive at times, which tends to cloud his judgment a little. This was discussed directly in the "Detective Koushien" case, when Saguru Hakuba accused Heiji of being a poor detective for disrupting a crime scene in his rush to see if the victim could still be saved.  Heiji, however, solved the case in the end, and reminded Saguru that the detective's first job is to prevent death if he can.  Heiji is also known to be extremely protective of those he values as close friends, and tries hard to keep them out of harm. There are several instances where Hattori tells Kazuha to wait for him or leaves her behind in order to keep her from being involved in cases, simply because he's afraid of her getting hurt.

Relationships analysis Edit

Kazuha Toyama Edit

Heiji's relationship with Kazuha is a very close one; they were childhood friends, and have stayed close through the years. Their relationship is identified as a romantic one by other characters and fans alike, even though they claim that they don't have that sort of relationship or feelings for each other.But it seems that whenever Kazuha tries to tell him her feelings he seems to run away or ignores it. Heiji is clueless when it comes to love and has not yet realized he has actual feelings for Kazuha. However, it has been shown that he becomes visibly jealous when he sees Kazuha with other guys, becoming distracted throughout the whole case. At one point, after a certain case, while looking at Kazuha, his thoughts read: 'Fool. You're too naive. I promise you, as long as you're with me, I'll never let anyone hurt you.'. Kazuha knows she has feelings for Heiji, as she shows this by being protective and chasing off other women that might have a interest in him In on of the mangas Kazuha attempts to confess her feelings after finding out that Ran had done so with Shinichi, but is unlucky because by telling him, Heiji ran off to tease Shinichi for it. She one time even attempted to sacrifice herself to save Heiji during a case that they accidently both fell off a cliff, and when they were both hanging on the branch Heiji was holding was breaking so to prevent him falling she stabbed him hand with an arrow of love to force him to let her fall, however he still held on despite a wounded and bloody hand. Also, they have the same situation as Ran and Shinichi, being childhood friends that have romantic feelings for each other and have the same background as them.  They are even called the 'Ran and Shinichi of Osaka' by fans of the series, since they're so similar.

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa Edit

Heiji acts rather brotherly towards Shinichi, even going so far as to pretend to be him on various occasions, so no one figures out that Shinichi and Conan are the same person. Of course, this might also be to make up for all the times Heiji calls him Kudo, which has nearly given Shinichi away multiple times. Heiji can be a little bit worried for Shinichi when he gets into trouble and in a life or death situation. They are as close as real brothers, both being detectives who have feelings for their childhood friends. When they're caught solving a case together, it's not unusual for their minds to move in sync; because of this and several other factors, they maintain a sort of friendly rivalry with each other. However, they are both all business when a case gets serious. Heiji has, on several occasions, declared himself to be Shinichi's best friend or brother.

Ran Mouri Edit

Heiji acts brotherly toward Ran, at some occasions he even called her sister("Neechan" in japanese). Ran respects Heiji as a very skilled detective who reminds her of shinichi but whenever Heiji and Kazuha runs into an argument, Ran seem to take Kazuha's side. Despite this, they had became good friends.

Heizo Hattori Edit

Heiji wants to become a detective, and his |father is very supportive of this, helping him solve tough cases. However, his father prefers a "tough love" approach, though mostly for the sole purpose of using Heiji to lure out a suspect.

Shizuka HattoriEdit

Shizuka is Heiji's mother and he sometimes called her mom an "old lady".

Kogoro mouri Edit

Kogoro respects him a little as a detective, but due to Heiji being the better detective, he seem to get annoyed whenever Heiji is with him while solving cases.

Goro OtakiEdit

Goro Otaki|Otaki and Heiji are very good friends.

Saguru HakubaEdit

In Detective Conan series, Saguru and Heiji didn't get along when they first met in Detective Kousien, but in the end Saguru seem to give Heiji a bit respect.