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MKVolume 1
Release date: May 15, 1988
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122081-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Characters introduced Edit

Kaito Kid

Kaito Kuroba

Aoko Nakamori

Ginzo Nakamori

Toichi Kuroba

Konosuke Jii

Keiko Momoi

Akako Koizumi


The Revived Phantom ThiefEdit

Episode 1: Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief

Summary: The mysterious thief, Kaitou Kid, returns! The next morning, gossip of Kid follows Kuroba Kaito into classroom. After pranking his childhood friend, Nakamori Aoko, she retaliates and compares Kaito’s magic to Kid’s. This provokes Kaito into challenging Kid, and he leaves school to begin planning.

Meanwhile, Nakamori Ginzo, the Divison 2 Inspector, ignores a murder case in the face of Kid’s return. Both he and Kaito (who is now at home) watch as Kid’s heist note is reported on the news. Kaito recalls his father, Kuroba Toichi, fondly and thinks of Toichi’s “Poker Face” lesson. Placing his hand on his father’s portrait, Kaito is surprised when it moves and sends him tripping into a secret room, while the portrait twirls to reveal a portrait of Kaitou Kid.

In the meantime, Aoko meets with Kaito’s mother, Kuroba Chikage, begging for a way to get revenge for the prior prank. Chikage, despite being a little distracted by the noise “that room” made, tells Aoko about Kaito’s one true weakness. Within the secret room, Kaito discovers a cassette tape that Toichi set up, but it’s too mangled to play properly. A top hat and a cape drift behind him, and he decides to confront Kid in order to unveil his father’s last magic trick.

At the heist location, Nakamori-keibu, the police, a masked Kid, and a dressed up Kaito count down the seconds until the heist begins. The power is cut, the gem is stolen, and Kid escapes out of a window. While the police try to figure out where he went, Kaito shocks Kid by revealing himself on the rooftop. As a distraction, Kid turns his body invisible, but Kaito shatters the trick once Kid leaps at him.

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The Police Are EverywhereEdit

警官がいっぱい Keikan ga Ippai

The Clockwork HeartEdit

時計仕掛けのハート Tokei Jikake no Hāto

Kaitou Kid's Busy WeekendEdit

怪盗キッドの忙しい休日 Kaitō Kiddo no Isogashii Kyūjitsu

The Pirate Ship UnsurfacedEdit

海賊船浮上せず Kaizokusen Fujōsezu

The Scarlet TemptressEdit

緋色の誘惑 Hiiro no Yūwaku

Omake Edit

  • In this special, this includes "bloopers" of each chapter:
    • The Revived Phantom Thief, Kaito: "You mean dad was the Kaito Kid!?" Director: "Cut!" Kaito: "What did I do wrong?!" Director: "The monocle's on the wrong eye, idiot." Kaito: "Whoops..."
    • The Police Are Everywhere, Director: "Princess Anne is up!" Aoko: "Okay! I can't believe I have to play two parts because of our tight budget. Oh my!" Director: "Cut! Does the princess wear a school dress!?" Aoko: "Oopsie..."
    • The Clockwork Heart, Kaito: "That's because I l-l-l..." Director: "Cut!" Aoko: "Love you?" Kaito: "In your dreams!"
    • Kaito Kid's Busy Weekend, Kaito: "Ah! Ow...." Director: "What?! The cameras didn't get it!? Alright, people, let's take it from the top!" Kaito: "What?!"
    • The Underwater Pirate Ship, Director: "Cut! Who put that goldfish there!?"
    • The Scarlet Temptress, Akako: "I can't wear this costume, director!" Director: "Just wear it!" Aoko: "How cruel! Who are you?!" Director: "The director, so just go!" Akako: "Okay then. Now, become my slave!" Director: "Cut! I need more feeling!" Akako: "But that was so cruel to say..." Aoko: "Now, become my slave!" Akako: "Aoko!?" Aoko: "Like that!" Kaito: "You should have casted her..."

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