Magic Kaito Volume 1 was released on May 15, 1988 in Japan.

Volume 1
MKVolume 1
Release date: May 15, 1988
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122081-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Characters introduced Edit

Kaito Kid

Kaito Kuroba

Aoko Nakamori

Ginzo Nakamori

Toichi Kuroba

Konosuke Jii

Keiko Momoi

Akako Koizumi


The Revived Phantom ThiefEdit

Episode 1: Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief

Filled With PolicemenEdit

The Clockwork HeartEdit

Kaitou Kid's Busy Day OffEdit

The Pirate Ship UnsurfacedEdit

Scarlet TemptationEdit

Omake Edit

  • In this special, this includes "bloopers" of each chapter:
    • The Revived Phantom Thief, Kaito: "You mean dad was the Kaito Kid!?" Director: "Cut!" Kaito: "What did I do wrong?!" Director: "The monocle's on the wrong eye, idiot." Kaito: "Whoops..."
    • The Police Are Everywhere, Director: "Princess Anne is up!" Aoko: "Okay! I can't believe I have to play two parts because of our tight budget. Oh my!" Director: "Cut! Does the princess wear a school dress!?" Aoko: "Oopsie..."
    • The Ticking Heart, Kaito: "That's because I l-l-l..." Director: "Cut!" Aoko: "Love you?" Kaito: "In your dreams!"
    • Kaito Kid's Busy Weekend, Kaito: "Ah! Ow...." Director: "What?! The cameras didn't get it!? Alright, people, let's take it from the top!" Kaito: "What?!"
    • The Underwater Pirate Ship, Director: "Cut! Who put that goldfish there!?"
    • The Scarlet Temptress, Akako: "I can't wear this costume, director!" Director: "Just wear it!" Aoko: "How cruel! Who are you?!" Director: "The director, so just go!" Akako: "Okay then. Now, become my slave!" Director: "Cut! I need more feeling!" Akako: "But that was so cruel to say..." Aoko: "Now, become my slave!" Akako: "Aoko!?" Aoko: "Like that!" Kaito: "You should have casted her..."

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