Magic Kaito Volume 2 was released on November 15, 1988 in Japan.

Volume 2
MKVolume 2
Release date: November 15, 1988
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122082-7
Publisher: Shogakukan
Back Cover Image
MKVolume 2Back
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List of chapter

Characters Edit

Kaitou Kid

Kaito Kuroba

Aoko Nakamori

Akako Koizumi

Ginzo Nakamori

Keiko Momoi

Konosuke Jii


Let Go Of HimEdit

Japan's Most Irresponsible LeaderEdit

I Am The MasterEdit

Adults Don't UnderstandEdit

Boy On the BallEdit

Ghost GymEdit

Hustler vs. MagicianEdit

Omake Edit

See also Edit

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