Magic Kaito Volume 3 was released on October 15, 1994 in Japan.

Volume 3
MKVolume 3
Release date: October 15, 1994
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122083-5
Publisher: Shogakukan
Back Cover Image
MKVolume 3Back
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List of chapters


Kaitou Kid

Kaito Kuroba

Aoko Nakamori

Akako Koizumi

Ginzo Nakamori

Keiko Momoi

Konosuke Jii

Characters introducedEdit

Saguru Hakuba


Star WarsEdit

The Great Detective Appears!!Edit

Kaitou Under ScrutinyEdit

Akako's Delivery ServiceEdit

(Extra Chapter) Yaiba vs. Kaito!Edit

Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba - The Grand Battle For the Treasured Sword!

Blue BirthdayEdit

Green DreamEdit


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