Saguru Hakuba



Japanese name: 白馬 探
(Hakuba Saguru)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 29th
Relatives: Superintendent General Hakuba (Father)
First appearance: Magic Kaito Chapter 15
Manga: File 299
Anime: Episode 219
Appearances: Chapters: 9
Episodes: 2
Movies: 1
Specials: 5
Openings: 2
Keyhole number: Volume 30
Japanese voice: Akira Ishida
Mamoru Miyano

Background Edit

Magic Kaito Edit

Prior to arriving in Japan sometime around February 23, 1990, Hakuba spent time as a detective in England and attended London Bridge School. According to Hakuba's father Hakuba is most interested in meeting the infamous Kaitou Kid and is taken to the Adam's Smile painting heist. Hakuba fails to capture Kid but begins collecting clues as to Kid's true identity. On February 24, 1990 (much to Kaito's dismay) Hakuba transfers into Ekoda High School Class 2-B and continues his mission to unmask Kid.

Detective Conan Edit

During the Twilight Palace case it is revealed Hakuba has a pet hawk named Watson whom he got in England.

Personality Edit

According to Hakuba's own introduction to Aoko, Hakuba is 180 cm tall, weighs 65 kg, was born on August 29th under the Virgo zodiac, and is blood type 'A'.

As a detective, Hakuba takes great interest in learning culprit's motives asking "How come you did that?". Hakuba seems to pay a great deal of attention to time, carrying a pocket watch that only loses 0.001 seconds per year. Hakuba even notes during the Adam's Smile painting heist that Kaitou Kid is a minute and 13.02 seconds late.

During his first appearances in Magic Kaito, Hakuba is seen often wearing an Inverness cape and a deerstalker, much like the stereotypical portrait of Sherlock Holmes. In later appearances he has given up this look opting for a suit instead.

Relationship analysis Edit

  • Kaito Kuroba

The relationship between Hakuba and Kaito is a rather tense one; since Hakuba convinced himself early on that Kaito was instead Kid, and during the first few volumes he's constantly throwing out offhand comments that show his suspicion. However, later on in the Manga, we have a small scene where Hakuba calls Kaito from Paris in order to give him some information on 'Chat Noir', a dangerous, fellow gem thief trying to outshine Kid. Though Kaito continues to vehemently deny being Kid, Hakuba gives him the information anyways, ending the conversation with, "Do your best at least. I don't want to see you lose to anyone before I capture you myself". Whether or not that was his actual motive, or if he was merely concerned for Kaito's well being, is unknown.

  • Aoko Nakamori

Prior to the heist in Volume 3, Chapter 3, Hakuba seems to flirt with Aoko after Kaito turns down Aoko's offer to go to the Prince Prince concert. Hakuba and Kaito then make a bet that if Hakuba manages to catch Kid then Hakuba will go to the concert with Aoko, and if he fails to capture the thief, Kaito will go instead. When interviewed before the heist, Hakuba notes "Tonight's battle has a special meaning to me". Although initially excited to have Hakuba want to go to the concert with her, Aoko during the actual heist seems to want Hakuba to fail so that she can go to the concert with Kaito instead. This relationship has not been touched upon much since then because of Hakuba's limited appearances in Magic Kaito and Detective Conan.