Toichi Kuroba (黒羽 盗一Kuroba Touichi) is Kaito Kuroba's father, a world-renowned magician, and the original Kaitou Kid.

Background Edit

Toichi as Kid was the greatest jewel thief in Japan as well as the best stage magician in Japan until he was murdered in a fake magic accident. Sometime prior to his death Toichi had his attendant and friend Konosuke Jii promise him that he would never tell Kaito about his thieving. In the manga it seems that Kaito's mother was aware of her husband's double life and is aware that Kaito discovered Toichi's secret room within their household.

It was also made possible that Toichi has survived the seem-to-be fatal accident that people thought took his life 8 years ago, as it was shown in "Midnight Crow (part 2) that the identity of "Black Kaito" was possibly him.

Personality Edit

Toichi seems to have a playful atmosphere about himself, not unlike his son Kaito Kuroba, as demonstrated by his amusing magic tricks to delight his audience.

Relationships analysis Edit

  • Toichi Kuroba and Yusaku Kudo

Toichi seems to have had a friendly rivalry with Yusaku Kudo, as Yusaku successfully stopped one of Toichi's jewelery heists and then gave Toichi the "Kaitou Kid" name when he purposely misread a "1412" a news reporter had scribbled down. Toichi daringly sent a letter as the Kaitou Kid to Yusaku once with only a question mark on it, questioning whether Yusaku would be able to stop him again. (Yusaku replies that yes, he will.)

  • Toichi Kuroba and Yukiko Kudo

It is subtly implied that Toichi is the very man who taught Yusaku's wife Yukiko and Sharon Vineyard the finer art of disguise. This theory is given credibility by the intricateness of Kaitou Kid's disguises, the secrets of which he has inherited from his father. However, Yukiko remains ignorant about Toichi's true identity and his actual relationship with her husband.

  • Toichi Kuroba and Shinichi Kudo

Despite the fact Toichi and Shinichi only met once prior to Toichi's death, it's worth mentioning Toichi referred to Shinichi as his "older brother" and himself as the "younger brother". This is because of Yusaku, Shinichi's father, being the father of the name of Kaitou Kid, Toichi's secret identity.